12 facts about the world’s languages

1. The longest alphabet in the world – Cambodian. In its 1974 letter.

2. One time sign ampersend (k) was the letter of the alphabet.

3. Language Taki, common in some parts of French Guinea, consists of only 340 words.

4. Benjamin Franklin in the XVIII century. Found in the English language more than 200 synonyms of the word drunk – drunk.

5. Papua New Guinea speak about 700 languages – that’s about 15% of all world languages.

6. The United Nations has six official languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

7. Dialect of Chinese “Mandarin” – the most used language in the world: it is spoken by more than
885 million people. In second place – Spanish (332 million), the third – English (322 million).
Russian on the list is the seventh largest (170 million).

8. On the African continent more than 1000 different languages.

9. In the Chinese writing more than 40 000 characters. Hieroglyph difficulty, trouble that is portrayed same pair of characters as the word “woman”.

10. Priests, lawyers and doctors use in their everyday life an average of 15,000 words.
Skilled workers – thousands of 5-7 words, and farmers – in 1600.

11. The word virus is translated from Latin means poison, and an anthology – a bouquet of flowers.

12. The vast majority of the world’s languages the word mother begins with the letter M.


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