Holiday Insights- tradition, fun, facts and more!

You’ve arrived at Holiday Insights, where you will find fun, information, and lots more about every holiday you can imagine. We’ve got you covered on the big ones, the small ones, and all of ’em in between. So, whether you are looking up information, doing a school report, looking for Ecards or screensavers, clipart perhaps, or just having fun, surf on through and come back often.

April Happenings!!

April starts out with a chuckle as April Fool’s Day is right on the first. With Spring in full bloom everywhere, Arbor Day is appropriately celebrated this month. There are as usual, a lot of other holidays and occasions, including Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. Find ’em all right here!

Did you know? The word April means “open”.

Greetings! Don’t forget to send a free Ecard to that special someone. Surf on over now and make a free Ecard for Arbor Day, a Birthday, anniversary, or any event!

*** April, is a big month for gardeners. Gardeners typically scour the internet for the best deals on seeds, gardening supplies and accessories this month. At 50% off on brand name seeds and low, low prices on garden supplies, those wise shoppers surf over to TGN’s Pumpkin Nook

April Holidays and Events:


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