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Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Ring Wallpapers Images and Photos


Bags Collection of 2011

ARadico we make premium quality design bags embellished with exotic thread embroidery, sequins, glass beads, mirrors, gems and crystals on high quality fabrics like pure silk, raw silk, cotton silk, cotton, net denim, satin, tissue, organza and organdy.

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cutest baby of the world pictures

Amazing Doll Houses

A dollhouse selling for a big sum of $82,000 is bound to create waves in the news world. We hear that the exquisiteness of this stunning toy is such that it will capture the heart of anyone who lays their eyes on it. Complete with the tiniest of detail been taken care of, the scale down version of a well-furnished home took 15 years of labour to be completed.

The doll house resembles a traditional English house complete with all the regular fixtures of a bath, bedroom, dining room, hallway and a living room. Little extravagances like the chandeliers also find their way in here. The maker of this small splendor has made more money than those selling several real homes in the UK.

Funny Wedding Photos

Some wedding photos were simply never meant to end up in the wedding photo album. The wedding photographers that took these pictures deserve to be punished for keeping some of these. Take a look at this collection of funny wedding photos for inspiration and a good laugh.

Funny Wedding Photo Gallery

Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Invitation Card Photos

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s highly-anticipated wedding scheduled to held on April 29, 2011 take place at Westminster Abbey. The couple engaged on 20 October 2010, was announced on 16 November 2010. Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding invite card first look photo published by US Magazine. Approximately 1,800 invitations have been delivered for Prince William and Kate Middleton relatives and friends.

In the card: The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by The Queen to invite “to the Marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, K.G. with Miss Catherine Middleton” stipulate that attendees of the 11 a.m. ceremony are expected to dress in “uniform, morning coat or lounge suit.” 

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